22 Oct 2020
***Don't Miss***   First SUS CARAVAN CAR in Thailand !   Ready to deliver SOLUTION to your factory.
SUS BKK invites you to have an experience in the first SUS Caravan Car in Thailand !!

It’s the first time in Thailand. SUS Caravan Car, a mobile exhibition that will bring SUS's latest products and applications to your factory.
We offer you the opportunity to experience the helpful applications and to find solutions that meet the production site’s needs along with low costs proposal.

The interior of the vehicle consists of SUS products such as
1. Miniature Karakuri: A miniature assembly kit that simulate an automation mechanics that does not require electric power to drive.
2. SiO: An I/O controller that is easier to use than PLC.
3. AIO: All-in-One electrical equipment and control box kit
4. Electric parts: allow for quick and efficient transportation

For further information , please contact us via email address [email protected] or calling to sales person in your area.

<img src="Snapshot_Caravan Car VDO_20201021.png" >