Introduction of clients who made innovation happen

IAI Corporation

Line Construction which can be changed flexibly according to production condition ! Production efficiency dramatically increased !

Nihon Pisco Co., Ltd.

With its "easy to install" and Light weight features, after the GF series is applied in the production line one third of the assembly line's work hours is reduced. Also, the troublesome process of layout change can be easily performed and the productivity has dramatically increased.

Oi Electric Co. Ltd.

Thanks to the Light weight GF, the layout of the production line can be changed in a smoother flow to match each product. The installation of small parts also becomes easier. Production operators really like the GF. Moreover, our plant's visitors increasingly give favorable feedback that "the production line looks very good. Oi Electric has made a big improvement!".

Product Application

Part Container Stand H=1200
Part Container Stand H=900
Part Container Stand H=600
Simple Clean Room W2000xD1500xH2200
Simple Clean Bench W890xD543xH865
Chuter 3 Lines 3 Tires
Chuter 2 Lines 3 Tires
Chuter 1 Line 2 Tires (Asymmetric)

FA Magazine “Sing”


  • Concept of SUS's electric parts & modules
  • Example of utilization of SiO with SUS's electric products
  • Learning about “Anodized treatment"
  • Improvement case with karakuri mechanism

Magazine Download

SiO Product


  • Introduction to Electric Control
  • SiO Example
  • SiO Line up
  • SiO Kit & Options

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